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Beyond the Business

Since 2010, 2J BCL has been evolved with our clients. 

Key success factor on our business is credibility. 

We are improving not for business but for relationship with clients. 

Join healing fair


It is the first exhibition for healing theme in Korea organized by healing industry association. It takes place in "aT Center" until Apr. 2 (Sun), 2017 from Mar. 30 (Thu)


Moved its main office into Seoul from Gyunggi.

Apr. 06, 2016 




Successfullym launched new company name which is 2J BCL Co., Ltd. from BCL. Its intention of new name is to diversify the business scopes  under new leadership. 

​Mar. 02, 2016.  

Conducted offshore part supplying for ODN I and ODN II with Odebreacht, Brazilian oil and gas drilling company. It is out standing performance. 

​May 11, 2012 

Automotive capital equipment

2J BCL International team successfully conducted

delivery of capital equipment within very limited time


The client very appreciated to its' on time delivery to

Gunsan so that they can install the equipment in their

factory for production. It prevent further consequential

loss caused by mass production delay. 

The 4th SDT (Sourcing Development Trip) scheduled at eastern EU on May 10 thru May 19

2J BCL has decided to conduct its' 4th sourcing trip at eastern Europe after America, S. China and Western Europe market. 

2J BCL has started sourcing trip since 2013 to introduce more marketable item with various market.  

Thru this market, we could develop NFC juice and fisheries. 

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